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Test centre for key products.

Opened in 2015, the Technology Center at our company headquarters in Kasendorf is physical evidence of our technological market leadership: within the NIBE Group, the European Market and on a worldwide scale. The Technology Center is an important milestone in our company history. 


Leading technology from Kasendorf.

Our Technology Center is at the cutting-edge of development laboratories and test institutes. A great deal of imagination, entrepreneurial vision and foresight went into its planning. The result: a centre that reinforces our top-class development capacity. 

Covering an area of 1600 metres2, the centre comprises control rooms, climatic chambers, electronics testing, acoustic testing, as well as creative and meeting rooms. Our Technology Center is state of the art. The centre amalgamates the latest inspection and testing standards for our heating, cooling and ventilation systems, as well as chillers – for short routes and close networking. The option to supply our partners with figures and data direct from the source is an important pillar of our company success, today and tomorrow. Our current ability to incorporate the needs of the future as comprehensively as possible is paramount to our technological leadership.