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Bestowing trust – strengthening responsibility.

Market instinct.

Innovative research, continuous technical development and premium quality are the factors that shape ait-deutschland GmbH. Thanks to a consistent information policy and our market instinct, employees, suppliers, investors and the public can rely on a strong brand that is firmly focussed on the future.

Our vision is to develop world-class, efficient energy solutions. We aim to combine strong, sustainable growth with good yields, and thus secure and strengthen the foundations for long-term positive development. 

Thinking and action.

As part of the NIBE Group, we honour the group values in everyday life. Detailed information on these can be found in the three NIBE value booklets ‘Our Business Principles’, ‘Our Work Method’ and ‘Our Values’.

As ait-deutschland GmbH, we also have our own corporate identity. The guiding principles behind our thoughts and activities describe a powerful culture of coexistence: these include openness, respect, understanding, solution-based action, positive philosophy, clear communication, decisiveness and responsibility. This is a self-imposed standard that benefits customers and employees in equal measure. Since our customers are the ones that purchase and appreciate our products, thus safeguarding our future. 

Which is why, for us, customer focus also means: thinking one step ahead in all areas of business and optimising our workflows. In doing so, we focus on seven values in particular: corporate development, willingness to evolve, innovation and technology, target-based management, employee focus and sustainability. All of these contribute to our market success.

Stable foundations.

ait-deutschland GmbH has developed from a start-up to become an industrial company operating from premises with a floor space of 23,000 metres2 – in 1999 this was just 1200 metres2. Our production activities are continuously analysed and optimised. The future-looking alignment of sales and IT also play a role in sustainably maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction as regards our equipment and service. 

Which is why our approach focusses on our customers and our employees. With a strong zeal for innovation and technology, we are well-equipped for the market and customer requirements of the future.


We are open and honest with each other. So we are objective and prompt in our communication of both successes, and necessary improvements and changes.


We treat each other with respect and esteem. For us this means: we treat others how we ourselves would like to be treated.


Peak performance requires an all-round view: We not only consider things from our own perspective, but also from the position of others. 

Solution-based action.

Challenges represent an opportunity to reinforce our skills and innovative force, and to develop. Our enduring aim is therefore to achieve the perfect solution.

Positive philosophy.

To think in terms of opportunities and solutions, is to constantly strive for improvement. We therefore make the conscious decision to tackle every day and every situation with a positive attitude.

Clear communication.

To understand is to listen. To be understood is to communicate all important information. Therefore we speak and communicate clearly and unequivocally.

Making decisions.

Every decision, no matter how small, contributes to our overall success. We grow by demanding, supporting and making decisions.

Taking responsibility.

Our corporate culture is clear and palpable in our work. By making our guiding principles part of our nature, we confidently take responsibility for the results.

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