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Our history.


  • Nathan Systems B.V. becomes a subsidiary of ait-deutschland GmbH


  • Foundation of ait-austria, ait-česko and ait-slovensko


  • ait-deutschland GmbH operates as part of the NIBE Group
  • Our core activities are heating and cooling technology
  • Building complex comprising management, production, training facilities and Technology Center, with our own research and development centre
  • ait-deutschland GmbH employs more than 500 people (March 2016)


  • Opening of the Technology Center, the research and development centre of the ait group 
  • Brand relaunch of alpha innotec and NOVELAN and KKT chillers


  • NOVELAN becomes product brand of ait-deutschland GmbH
  • Spain is included in the distribution network of alpha innotec


  • Renaming of Alpha-InnoTec GmbH to ait-deutschland GmbH
  • alpha innotec and KKT chillers are product brands of ait-deutschland GmbH
  • Foundation of ait-sverige
  • alpha innotec starts distribution in Turkey
  • The Czech Republic is included in the distribution network of NOVELAN


  • Brand relaunch of KKT Kraus to KKT chillers and integration within Alpha-InnoTec GmbH
  • NOVELAN agents in other European countries      


  • Incorporation of Alpha-InnoTec GmbH, KKT Kraus GmbH and NOVELAN GmbH into the Swedish NIBE Group
  • Alpha-InnoTec starts distribution in Finland


  • Relocation of KKT Kraus GmbH from Lauf an der Pegnitz to Kasendorf    


  • Opening of customer service centre and new office buildings after another expansion phase at Alpha-InnoTec GmbH


  • Construction and opening of office buildings and customer service center.
  • Foundation of ait-france
  • The Alpha-InnoTec distribution network continues to grow to Estonia and Italy




  • Establishment of KKT Kraus USA Corp. in Chicago
  • Production and logistics expansion at NOVELAN    
  • Foundation of ait-norge
  • Alpha-InnoTec starts sales in Lithuania, Latvia and Portugal


  • Purchase of the company premises and start of construction
  • Opening of a new production hall
  • With France, the Benelux countries and the United Kingdom, the Western European space is taken up comprehensively in the Alpha-InnoTec sales


  • Acquisition of KKT Kraus by the Swiss Schulthess Group
  • Sales launch of Alpha-InnoTec in Denmark


  • With the integration of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Ireland the Alpha-InnoTec sales network now covers large parts of central and western Europe
  • Sales start for Novelan in Austria


  • Alpha-InnoTec heat pumps are available in the Slovenian and Norwegian market


  • Establishment of NOVELAN GmbH after acquisition of the Siemens trademark rights
  • Poland is included in the Alpha-InnoTec distribution network


  • Investment by the Swiss Schulthess Group in Novelan and acquisition of Alpha-InnoTec GmbH
  • Expansion of the sales area to the Netherlands


  • Sales start for Alpha-InnoTec in Austria and Switzerland


  • Establishment of Alpha-InnoTec GmbH in Kasendorf (Upper Franconia) by the then managing directors Heinz Weggel and Artur Rodecker
  • Start of heat pump production and development at the site


  • Founding of KKT Kraus Industriekühlung


  • Establishment of KKT Kraus in Lauf an der Pegnitz
  • Production and distribution of energy-efficient chiller and heat pump solutions
  • Comprehensive Novelan distribution and service network (under the flag of Siemens)


  • Testing of first heat pump prototypes by Novelan (under the flag of Siemens)