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1. We are constantly working on improvements.

We analyse our processes regularly in order to take advantage of potentials for improvement. We pursue technical innovations critically and check the usability.

2. We comply with all applicable laws and additional obligations.

We monitor all changes to the legal status and evaluate legislation and regulations in order to also be legally compliant at any time in future.

3. We use natural resources efficiently.

We constantly check the use of resources and operation materials. We monitor the market constantly and check for the most efficient solutions.

4. We reduce emissions and minimise risks.

We regularly check the emissions of our processes and always look for more considerate procedures.

5. We manufacture environmentally-friendly products.

Our solutions conserve a large amount of energy and CO2 emissions. The products are manufactured using environmentally-friendly materials, which can be almost completely recycled.

6. We make high demands on our business partners.

We expect the same high level of commitment from our business partners as from our own employees. Compliance with all relevant laws and the need to use natural resources efficiently should go without saying.

7. We offer a positive working environment.

We create jobs that are safe and ergonomic, where staff are happy and motivated to work.

8. We are open and transparent in our communications.

A company can only work successfully when important information arrives at the right places. We forward information quickly and answer queries promptly and comprehensively.