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Our company.

Quality, innovation and technological advancement.

At ait-deutschland GmbH we combine our technological supremacy in the heat pump and chiller market with commitment to Upper Franconia and its people. Based in Kasendorf, our group employs more than 1.200 personnel and is still expanding.

Our company philosophy focusses on sustainability, technological leadership, innovation and environmental awareness. These fundamental values are prevalent in all divisions of ait-deutschland GmbH: this also includes the optimisation of production workflows with the aim of producing our high-quality systems with the lowest possible material consumption.

Vision, balance and flexibility.

For ait-deutschland GmbH, entrepreneurial vision means striking the right balance between investment and security. That’s why we dedicate so much energy to developing new products in order to constantly expand our technology and innovation leadership on the German and international heating and cooling markets. Our consolidated skills are of particular benefit to our clients: where other manufacturers gain expertise externally, we harness our outstanding skills and knowledge in-house and continue to impress with maximum flexibility.