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Have a taste with us!

If you’re still unsure about your professional future, an internship at ait-deutschland GmbH could help shed some light: we provide insight into the everyday life of various job profiles. As such, you get to pass through various management and/or production divisions of our company. It goes without saying that you complete tasks independently and get a real sense of your potential professional future. And of course apprentices from our ait-young programme, as well as our training personnel, are on hand to provide support and advice. 

The key skills required for an internship at ait-deutschland GmbH include logical thinking, flexibility and dedication, autonomy and team spirit.

Sound like you? Then our training coordinators, Matthias Kreuzer and Julia Bittermann, look forward to receiving your application! 

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Your internship contact at ait-deutschland GmbH.

Matthias Kreuzer

HR Department, Head of Training

Industriestraße 3
95359 Kasendorf

Tel. 09228 / 9906-1531
matthias.kreuzerNO SPAM SPAN!

Julia Kunzelmann

HR Department, business apprenticeships

Industriestraße 3
95359 Kasendorf

Tel. 09228 / 9906-135
julia.kunzelmannNO SPAM SPAN!